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:: Tuesday, January 01, 2002 ::

hi today is the last day of the year i went to the gym and well i am sad i gained 5 lbs and i went from lifting 95 lbs to 35 OMFG! i went to work well it was ok DAISHIN the super hot guy was there heheheheh i wanted to date him so long omg he was so cute and nice to me i used to go to school with him and before he left to a new school we use to work together i told my mom i wanted to ask him out but she said you shoulve but im scared to and she said wouldnt it be sad if he thought the same thing omg omg well i had sushi that i love tonight sashimi and soba hehehe and well i was gonna go to sleep but i went online and talked to dave and well called him hehehe we kinda had a misunderstanding so that was kinda bad but otherswise hella lotta fun i miss you dave! i cant wait to see you! hehehe well tomorow i hope to do something hella fun well see i gotta get to sleep now baibai
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