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:: Tuesday, January 01, 2002 ::

hi today is the last day of the year i went to the gym and well i am sad i gained 5 lbs and i went from lifting 95 lbs to 35 OMFG! i went to work well it was ok DAISHIN the super hot guy was there heheheheh i wanted to date him so long omg he was so cute and nice to me i used to go to school with him and before he left to a new school we use to work together i told my mom i wanted to ask him out but she said you shoulve but im scared to and she said wouldnt it be sad if he thought the same thing omg omg well i had sushi that i love tonight sashimi and soba hehehe and well i was gonna go to sleep but i went online and talked to dave and well called him hehehe we kinda had a misunderstanding so that was kinda bad but otherswise hella lotta fun i miss you dave! i cant wait to see you! hehehe well tomorow i hope to do something hella fun well see i gotta get to sleep now baibai
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:: Saturday, December 29, 2001 ::
ohayoo gozainmasu. . .well tonight was cool. . .kekogi ran away but we got him back. . .my parents got back from theyre dinner party. . .seems that they met a friend of my fathers who has two sons 26 & 22 and theyre half korean and were partially raised there and theyre 25% american 25% japanese suppossedly theyre so hot HAHAHA my parents know that i was date-ing this korean guy and seem to think i love every korean guy hehehe well maybe theyre cute well see hehehe suppossedly they said awe you shouldve brought her bring her next time OMG HAHAHA sure theyre trying arranged marriages now? HAHAHA which brings me to this i still have feelings strong feelings for the guy and he emailed me and so i emailed him back and so soon he should be back home so i wonder. . .does he care will things change ? i wonder will i see him again? what will happen next. . .because everything seemed so perfect. . .well just have to see. . .im confused should i flirt with other guys should i try to date other guys? he said yes. . .when i did then he got jealous he was gonna dump me. . .then why cant he say hes my boyfriend? i mean if i should date just him and he dates just me and he only thinks about me and we even go very far physically then why cant we be in a relationship. . .then i start to wonder why i even bother trying to have a relationship or trying to date. . .but without love then why do i do anything i get so confusing what am i suppossed to do i mean yes im almost 21 years old i need to grow up. . .i have to figure out what i should do. . .oh well maybe things will change i just hope that you know one day ill be happy with everything! i should just focus on myself and forget others then maybe once i stop looking for love itll find me? maybe or maybe just a cheap cliche. . .you tell me
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ok ikimashou! irashaimase! huanying! well i always wanted an eDiary thingy hehehe! ok well making the internet site is so complicated i want to help but i just make things more confusing i think! hmm well things going on. . .i have to do so much. . .i have more appts coming up at the aila and art center. . .i have to finish my portfolio and make a resume and my name card and stuff. . .ugh omg i need to get insurance for driving UGH and a car soon too! omg i need to get a new job i am so not making enough money! i wanna work @ starbucks tho a cafe always seemed cool to me! ^_^ hmm what else is going on. . .well hmm im aenemic that doesnt mean much but sometimes i get hella tired and feel sick CIA you know! UGH! but once the new year comes ill have health insurance again! UGH they cut me off because i didnt have over 12 units @ school. . .oh well! hehe im cool ill live! hmmm well well. . .i want my hair done like britbrit in her new vid! YAY! hmmm and i wanna get tanned DAMN THIS DA YU! so hard raining! i want sun! hmm after a big break from the gym i go back to my personal trainer on monday its been only two and a half weeks but i feel like its been forever! like a month since a major workout! UGH i want to lose wt so bad. . .i want abs like britbrit too! awe boredom though! omg! i dont watch tv *my fave kbs drama is over "origa naminkayo"* www.kbs.co.kr/drama/life www.kbs.co.kr/drama/nam my fave shows! no good movies tho just waiting for crossroads. . .btw i found out britbrit has a promo tour in uk for her new movie and cd i wish i can see her! awe oh well~! speaking of which if ou havent already heard that cd is awesome *i hate to use that word but how else can i describe it?* the best songs werent put on the cd though WTF!? i run away, when i found you, before the goodbye. . .so good. . .!i posted some off the wall thing on juice entertainments site trying to get someone to notice that me *because i want to work in some cross cultural market! this is the second time in the past year ive come across some one talking about YOU could be a gasoo! oh i wanna be an idol singer! omg if only! hmm graphic design i keep wondering if this is the thing for me to do. . .i dont know i dont want to make a mistake. . .it easiest to finish school for a degree in english to teach in taiwan or korea or japan. . .but thats like my last choice thats my what i do if it gets to hard and i wanna leave. . .if you could only understand that i love those places but going there forever is just something to do when i get to the point of my life is so YUCK coup detat! im turning 21 in a month too. . .so i keep looking back on the past years. . .and i am still unhappy with myself. . .even though stuff has changed it hasnt become what i wanted it to be. . .more on that later. . .hmmm
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